Art Series Hotel Offers To Draw Nude Portraits Of Their Guests

“Draw me like one of your French girls?”

These days, hotels try anything and everything to stay competitive. Even if that means taking your clothes off. 

Art Series Hotel Group is inviting guests to become true muses of nude art at their hotels, and to drop their robes to reveal all.

Cr: artserieshotelgroup via lostateminor

The ‘Sleepover and Strike a Pose’ campaign allows for guests to stay at one of the edgy group’s hotels and pose naked (“reveal the real you”) in front of a team of artists who will draw them. Yes, it’s almost exactly like that scene with Leo and Kate in Titanic. 


Cr: juliaeditz.tumblr

The ‘No Robe Package’ is the thrill-seekers activity perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of commissioning some nude art of themselves. Described as a ~de-robing~ of inhibitions, we imagine it to be a revolutionary moment.

Trumpets blaring as you drop your robe. The crew of artistic strangers letting out an astonished (surprised?) gasp. Their eyes squinting to understand your body. And their pencils furiously trying to draw it as sympathetically as possible. 

…But it actually isn’t as daunting as that, don’t worry.

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Guests who have selected the ‘No Robe Package’ actually only have to reveal their, well, package, to a camera. Armed with a clicker, you’ll have two hours to find the perfect pose (and props?) and take the snap you’d like embodied as art forever. Once a suitable photo is selected, it is sent to the artists to be turned into a true work of art and consequently, the original photo is deleted permanently. Guests then receive their ~art nudes~ in a beautiful package delivered to their address. 

Cr: via artserieshotelgroup

Just imagine your very own un-robed masterpiece hanging on the wall. It’d look so grand in the dining room.

From May 1st to June 15th of this year, the ‘No Robe Package’ will be available at all Art Series Hotel properties, and is priced at US$229.

Who will dare to bare all?