This Artist Hand Paints Disney Characters Onto Luxury Bags And It Looks Dope

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There’s nothing like a personalised item. Whether it’s your fountain pen or your towels, your phone cover or your jumper, there’s nothing like a personalised item.

There’s also nothing like a luxury hand bag.

UK-based artist Maison Gris hand paints Disney characters onto luxury bags, and is beautifully combining luxe and play to create some absolutely stunning and unique pieces.

Inspired by animated favourites and pop culture icons, Maison Gris has covered anything from LV weekend bags to the occasional Goyard tote and suitcase set. Taking orders solely by email, the exclusive service aims to add a fun touch to otherwise pretty serious-looking items. In essence bringing cartoons to couture, the artist paints Disney and doodles in a way that truly adds character to any item.

They look a lot like limited edition collections. Except super-limited, because there’s only one of each.

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Perfect for anyone who loves luxury leather goods, but also some Looney Toons, take a look through some of Maison Gris’ special pieces below, and mentally pick your fave.

All images cr: Maison Gris/Instagram

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