These Artistic Miniature Babies And Body Parts Will Give You Goosebumps

Ever held a bowl of baby heads in the palm of your hands?

Warning: What we’re about to show you may haunt and thrill you for the rest of the day. 

Singaporean designer and sculptor Qixuan Lim creates miniature clay babies and body parts, and they look chillingly real, and eerily intriguing. 

Known by the name of ‘QimmyShimmy,’ the young artist shapes a series of familiar items out of clay, put together in such a way that is sure to leave you gasping. From a gum ball machine filled with baby heads to a series of jars containing bloodshot fetuses, Lim tactfully combines science and suspense in one powerful medium. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see a glass of ripped hearts, a tin box of female breasts, or a baby head wrapped up like a caramel candy, here is your chance. 

“Baby Pills”?

Disguising body parts as snacks and pills, there’s definitely something cute yet creepy (yet cute) about these hyper realistic pieces. And while we joke about how baby feet are so adorable we could eat them, or how we love someone so much we’d give them our hearts… this certainly gives those ideas a whole new meaning. And it is both fascinating and frightening. 

The pieces look convincingly close to something the Blossoms would hide in their home in Riverdale, or someone on American Horror Story would keep in their pocket, yet a sense of realism reigns them back into our most enthralling thoughts. 

Take a look at Lim’s creations below, and see what they might remind you of. It’ll make your imagination run wild. 

An upcoming piece of Kult's Power Records show. #qimmyshimmy

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baby heart what should i do with you?

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cheers to the weekend 🍸

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the best kind of candy? 👀

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One last post before this baby leaves home.

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flesh 💪🏼 (midterms didn't kill me)

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What seems to me a pretty good use of leftover Chinese New Year snacks. Warming up ma fingers for a new project!

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