Somebody Imagined Celebs As Asian Street Food Vendors And It Is Brilliant

Buy some Banh Mi from Beyonce or some Noodles from Nicki Minaj

Amidst all their ultra glam pregnancy announcements and swanky perfect-brow no makeup selfies, it’s hard to relate to celebs and really feel like they’re ~just one of us~ most of the time.

Enter Art Director Quang Thái.

The artist is charmingly re-imagining some of our favourite celebrities as Asian street food vendors (or our favourite Asian street food vendors as celebrities?) in one mouth-watering photo series.

Compiling celeb heads with Asian street food vendor bodies, the results are a beautiful mashup of eye candy and mouth waterings. Amidst steaming hot noodles, dumplings, and plastic takeaway containers.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having some Banh Mi with a side of Queen Bey, here you go:

(That probably comes with a side of lemonade.)

Or if you’re more of a Gaga and Kway Tiao kind of gal, this is for you:

OR perhaps you prefer your food fresh and swift with Taylor Swift and some snakes. I mean, snails. Oops:

Hey, Ariana Grande, can we get a Grande portion of those pancakes?

Not quite sure what Miley is serving up here, but the thirst is real:

“Hi Nicki, I’d like a Super Bowl of soup pls”

Kill em with (Food) Komas, Selena.

Rihanna looks like she is about to drop some serious Asian Aunty wisdom while cutting up that food:

It’s imaginative and it’s drool-worthy, and pays a little homage to the men and women who spend their entire days cooking street-side to serve some of Asia’s most famous staples.

I mean, let’s be completely honest here. That lady that sells you only the freshest mangoes and carefully puts together the most delicious Pad Thai right in front of your eyes? She’s the real star of all our lives.

Eat here baby one more time.

All images Cr: QuangThai/Red² Digital Agency

h/t: Pulptastic