Lattes Served In Avocado Skin Exist And We Literally Can’t Even

This is avocontrol.

Guys, things are starting to get avocontrol.

Avocado has been the trend at the tip of every foodie’s tongue for a while now, as well as creative lattes and latte art. It should come as almost no surprise then, that after a while some genius out there would put two and two together and combine them.

I mean, we’ve had cronuts, sushi burritos, and even charcoal ice cream. A latte served in avocado skin seems a perfectly natural progression. Right?


Hi excuse me there appears to be avocado all around my coffee

Coffee served in avocado skin is really a thing now, and is being served up in a cafe in Turkey as well as in a coffee shop in Australia. Whilst we don’t know whether the latte is infused with avocado (err, yum?) or comes with floating bits of mashed avo (errrrrr?), images of the trending beverage is quickly popping up on millennial Instagrams.

That technique


Owners of Australia’s Truman Cafe have admitted that they actually started as a joke, but clearly, you can’t joke about avo around hipsters these days.

Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions – lattes and avo 😂

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Whilst the mystery of how you even sip this drink remains unsolved (it has no handle and is very hot?!), it’s definitely causing quite the stir on social media. Looking a little like peanut butter inside that poor unknowing avocado peel, reactions have been anything from blissful surprise over to downright horror.

“Avolatte-licious” …

I mean, it’s somewhat sweet that old avocado skins are given a new purpose but… as coffee cups? Could we not have come up with something better?

What’s next? Tea in egg shells? Cocktails in peapods? Smoothies in banana peel?

To put it in millennial speak: we literally can’t even right now.

h/t: Independent