You Can Now Get Avocado Toast Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree, Because 2017

Have yourself a millennial little Christmas <3

Take My Money: 🥑🎄 🥑🎄 🥑🎄 6/10

Have you ever looked at a Christmas tree and thought, “damn, this could really use some avocado toast”?

Then we’ve got a little something for you.

Cookware company Sur La Table is selling avocado toast ornaments, perfect for all those who wish to have themselves a millennial little Christmas.

Surfing the wave of the brunch trend, Sur La Table has released a $17-a-piece European glass ornament, that has been both mouth-blown and hand-painted by artisans using “techniques that have been handed down through the generations.”

Really, the whole product description reads like a swanky Gen-Y hype product.

Made up of a glittery piece of golden toast, and not one but six slices of avocado, the avocado toast ornament surely is a showstopper. The beloved breakfast-dish-turned-Christmas-decor comes topped with a few red glittery specks, which we assume are chilli flakes. Because of course.

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Sorta cute and sorta creepy, the fun doesn’t stop there. For those who don’t enjoy avocado toast during their weekend brunch sessions, there’s also an egg toast ornament, a packaged bacon ornament, a doughnut ornament, and a hearty cheeseburger ornament, amongst others.

Truly, it’s a buffet on your Christmas tree, which, quite frankly, is all the #Goals in the world tbh.

All images cr: Sur Le Table

Check out the avocado toast ornaments and more over on the Sur Le Table website, and have a holly jolly Gen-Y Christmas.

What do you think? Which is your fave?