Baby Louboutins Are A Thing Now For All Babies Who Love Luxury Brand Shoes

And they come at quite a bargain price…!

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 5/10

They may not be able to walk yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t rock a fine expensive pair of high end luxury brand shoes.

Baby Louboutins are a thing now, everybody. And if you’re not even the tiniest bit jealous of any baby who can rock these, you’re lying.

The luxury shoe gods at Christian Louboutin are releasing a line of adorable tiny flats for babies, in a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop. They’ll be available in pink, blue, and gold (ofc), and feature the same high quality finishing and finesse of a full-grown Louboutin shoe.

And yes, they’ll also have those famed red soles.

Priced at around £190 per pair, the baby Louboutins are definitely on the more affordable side of Louboutin’s price range (triple digit is usually the norm), yet it’s also entirely understandable when babies spend most of their time pulling their shoes off and growing out of them in, say, idk, ten minutes.

Yet if you’re a parent looking to splurge (or a baby looking to style), the iconic red-soled shoes will definitely make baby the most fashionable pooper in the play pen.

All images cr: via Christian Louboutin

Available exclusively on the Goop website and at Goop holiday popups from November 16th, we’re excited to see some very cute babies rock these on the catwalk – I mean kindergarten.

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h/t: Metro