This Man Creates Un-brie-lievable Sculptures Out Of Babybel Wax

Yes, the red stuff around the cheese!

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There’s not denying it. At least half the fun in eating Babybel cheese lies in unwrapping the red wax around it. You can’t fight us on this.

Yet whilst we mainly twirl the red cheese wax and fidget with it until our snack is devoured, one man has been making absolutely incredible Babybel wax sculptures for the past 20 years.

Mitchell McLanaghan from Newcastle knows what’s up. Taking a childhood favourite snack and turning it into art, the 32-year-old artist extraordinaire creates pop-culture figures from the trademark red wax. There’s everything from Wallace and Gromit jus’ hangin’ out, over to the Lord of the Rings characters, all made with a keen eye for detail.

McLanaghan’s sister Margaret tells the Newcastle Chronicle, “Mitchell has autism and he’s on a very high spectrum… But when you see what he can do, it really blows you away. All of us are always buying Babybel so we can give Mitchell the wax. It’s always in our shopping carts.”

Yet whilst McLanaghan’s family tries to eat as much cheese as possible, the sculptor requires a lot more wax to create his pieces. To accommodate for this, McLanaghan receives Babybel wax donations from all around the globe, even from the company itself. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who find his wax sculptures entirely endearing.

Take a scroll through these impressive Babybel wax creations below. You’ll never look at the little cheese the same way again.

All images cr: Mitchell McLanaghan and Newcastle Chronicle

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