Oops, Balenciaga Did It Again: The $1100 ‘Shopping Bag’ Bag

And it’s actually already sold out…!

Step aside, Frakta. There’s a new girl in town.

Not too long after the whole IKEA vs Balenciaga Frakta showdown, the high fashion brand is back with another stupefyingly pricey number.

For this episode of expensive things that look like regular mundane items, Balenciaga has released ‘Shopping Bag.’

Cr: via Colette

And if you’re waiting for a big reveal to see what it looks like and can’t wait to laugh it all off with some good memes, the jokes on you. Because that’s really it. It’s a bag that looks like a shopping bag. Yknow, if your shopping bag was actually a going out bag and came with a price tag of a whopping $1100. Oh and, if it was created by Demna Gvasalia and made in Italy with 100% calfskin with handles made from Nappa leather and silver metal hardware.

Don’t have one of those yet? No?

Cr: via Colette

However if you’re still rummaging around in paper bags, you may have to keep rummaging. The bag has proven so popular it’s actually sold out for the moment. It turns out people reeeeeallly like shopping bags.

Oh boy, we can’t wait for those memes to start rolling in…

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I wonder… when you go to the store to buy this bag… what bag do they pack it in?


What do you think? Who wore it better? Balenciaga or … every store ever?