Nothing Says “Back To School” More Than This Pen Nail Art

And it really writes too!

#WTF: 🖋 🖋 🖋 🖋 🖋 🖋 🖋 7/10

You know that feeling when you need to write something down but you can’t for the life of you find a darn pen anywhere near you?

This nail art is a bit of a saviour for situations like those.

Instagram nail artist @TonysNail has come up with this ball point pen nail art, just in time for everyone looking to upgrade their back to school wardrobe.

Yup those are pens…

Meet pen nails – nails with tiny pens attached to them. You probably won’t be able to write any decent sentences with them. But you will be NAILING (pun intended) that back-from-summer style in the school/uni/work cafeteria.

Whether you’re a diehard stationery lover or just a super duper practical person, this ball point pen nail art is certainly bringing it. Consisting of a set of fake nails decorated with gems and pen tips with springs, you may now be wondering whether these handy fingertips even have some ink and writing skill at their well, finger tips.

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Nails art !😍💎👸

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So sparkly!

And OH BOY how they do.

In a video posted by school supplies nail art master @TonysNail, the nail stylist shows that you can actually use these swanky new nails to draw a few squiggly lines. Actual nail art, if you will.

The only trouble may be when you accidentally go to itch your nose and end up with a nice long biro mark on your face…

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