This Artist’s Banana Art Will Make You Wanna Get A Whole Bunch

So creative!

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There aren’t all too many ways to peel a banana, but there are many ways to make a banana appealing.

Rotterdam-based artist Stephan Brusche knows.

The food artist extraordinaire creates the most incredible banana art, using only the yellow fruit as the central piece for all of his works. For anyone who loves a good ol’ ‘nana in the mornings, mashed up in pancakes, or baked into banana bread, these will be a pleasant remix.

From alien abductions to extremely detailed ancient scenes, Brusche manages to tell a story through the mere medium of a healthy snack. However, whilst today the Dutch artist’s pieces are mini potassium-filled masterpieces, it actually all began with a cheeky smiley. Brusche tells BoredPanda, “It all started a few years back when I just started using Instagram. I was at work and I just wanted to post something. I then noticed my banana and I figured it would make a nice post if I just drew a little happy face on it.”

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From a little happy face to many more faces and creepy creatures, Brusche continuously built upon his newfound skill. “After that I tried to come up with new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of clever ways. Trying to keep pushing myself I eventually started to carve in the banana peel as well.”

Yeah, remember that next time you carelessly through yours away!

Imaginative and a beautiful temporary art exhibit in its own right, take a scroll through some of Brusche’s banana art below. To put it frankly, it really is, as Gwen Stefani would say, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

All images cr: Stephan Brusche

Follow Brusche over on Instagram, and let this be your artsy reminder to eat more fruit every day.

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