After Visiting Bangkok’s Husky Cafe, You’ll Never Have A Ruff Day Again

23 Huskies and eating Cake? #BestDayEver

Every once in a while somebody tells you about this really great restaurant or this really great activity and you try it out and it’s the best thing ever and it really changes your life.

Today. Is one of those days.

Welcome to Bangkok’s husky cafe.

Cuteness overload 😍

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A dog cafe exists in Thailand’s buzzing capital city, and it features some of the city’s most adorable inhabitants. Beautiful, furry, friendly, huskies.

23 of them.


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So much beauty in one pic

At True Love Husky Cafe (very apt name), visitors get to come and play with the gorgeous animals, whilst also eating desserts and sipping some iced tea. It feels like I’m typing out my happiest dreams, but I promise you, this is real life.

For the fair price of 350 Baht (approx £8), anyone can come enjoy one hour of absolute cuddly husky bliss. And you even get a free drink and a slice of cake with it.

You can just tell this guy is so happy rn

At three different times during the afternoon/early evening, True Love husky cafe opens its doors to excited visitors daily. Everyone is briefed on house and husky ground rules before entering to ensure utmost security for all, and everyone has to wear protective gear over their shoes and use hand sanitizer. It’s really just to better the experience for every dog and dawg involved. Also, puppy poop.

So cute it kinda hurts

After the safety is in check, visitors are let into a clean caged area to hang with the huskies. Pet them, feed them ice cubes (it’s Bangkok heat after all), or take some memorable pics to last a lifetime.

I mean, I’ve taken selfies with my boyfriend that were less attractive.


Whilst concerns have been raised over the living conditions of the dogs, there have been several reports describing the cafe as a very happy environment – both for canines and companions. The husky handlers are very close to their pets, and show off their dogs with pride and care.

And it’s totally understandable. I mean, just, just look at this. Sigh.


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He’s smiiiilllinggggggg

It’s an incredible experience for anyone who loves dogs, cute things, and is need of some serious cuddles. However, the canines aren’t the sole stars of the show. There’s cake too. And it’s actually really good. Artsy ice cream cakes come served as the perfect energy booster after playtime, and any drinks ordered come served in cups with a husky depicted on them.

Because you know how I said the huskies weren’t the sole stars of the show? Yeah no, they totally are.

Husky🐶Truelove Cafe#YJC95

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PS. Hello Instagram? Mama’s home.

Whilst in a perfect world the day would end with all 23 huskies coming home with you to live with you forever, the husky cafe would go out of business if that were the case. However, they do have a pretty sweet gift shop within the cafe, where guests can purchase anything from plush toys to t-shirts.

Yknow, something to remember the best day of your life by.

Allllllll the good boys

Find out more and book your slot over on the True Love husky cafe website, and prepare for your face to hurt. Because you’re going to be smiling the whole freakin’ day.

Who’s coming?

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