Bangkok From Above: This Artist Captures Thailand’s Capital From Unusual Angles

A very cool way to look at a very cool city

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Bangkok is a truly diverse city.

From its urban and religious architecture to its wealth in food, shopping, and activities, it’s a city buzzing with energy and intrigue at all times.

Yet whilst Thailand’s capital has been captured by many a photographer, Robert Götzfried is bringing a fresh spin to his portrayal of the city, by approaching an angle not very commonly photographed.

Robert Götzfried photographs Bangkok from above.

Bangkok from above

Entitled the ‘BTS Series’ in reference to Bangkok’s sky train, Götzfried captures Bangkokians in all their metropolitan glory as they stride beneath the skywalks and go about their daily lives. However, the artists considers the humans in his shots as mere props. He notes, “I captured everyday situations from above trying to create the biggest possible distance to these individuals. In a way these people are nothing more than graphical elements that break the pattern of the ground. If a particular person is happy, sad, or something else is not the content of these pictures.”

From streetside stalls to rain and electric cables, Götzfried manages to capture Bangkok from above and at a distance, yet includes plenty of subtle detail. Furthermore, the artist explains, “I have a story in my mind for every single picture – it’s usually linked to the sounds I heard, the smells I smelled, and, the things around me while I took the picture.”

Urban and grey with a pop of colour only a city like Bangkok could provide, take a scroll through Götzfried’s photographs below.

All images cr: Robert Götzfried

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