At This Bangkok Prison Hotel You Have To Take A Mugshot And Wear Striped Uniform

There’s also a curfew and some iron gates, just like the real thing!!

Take Me There: 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 8/10

If you’re guilty of enjoying quirky hotels, this is definitely the place for you.

At this Bangkok prison hotel you’ll not only stay in a themed room, but also take part in a true (well, not entirely) jail experience. From getting your ~mugshot~ taken upon check-in to wearing black-and-white striped pajamas and being mindful of a set curfew, it’s a hotel stay unlike any other. 

At Sook Station in Bangkok, guests – nay, inmates – can opt to spend the night in a bit of a roleplay. The small prison-themed hotel is made up of (stylish) iron bars and grey interiors with dimly lit rooms and black and white bedding. The interior design is simple and no-frills, yet definitely still has something cool about it. It’s exactly what you would expect if a boutique hotel and a prison had a baby. 

Inclusive of towel elephants on the beds et al.

Upon arrival, guests to the hotel get their mugshot taken, and receive a set of striped uniform, before being assigned a number that allows them in and out of their cells. I mean, rooms. They are also advised of a curfew, which is in keeping with the jail-y vibe, but not so strictly enforced.

It’s all a little eerie, but it’s also a fun twist on a regular hotel experience.

And besides seriously sticking to their theme, the Bangkok prison hotel also offers a rooftop hot tub, an in-house cafe (featuring complimentary breakfast in the mornings – just like in prison), as well as a co-working space. If you’ve booked yourself a fancy cell/room you may even get access to a private patio or balcony. Goals.

All images cr: Sook Station/Facebook

With rooms starting at around $54 a night, find out more and book your prison vacation over on the Sook Station website.

I mean, do we kinda want to go there and check right in? Guilty.

h/t: TravelAndLeisure