This Artist Creates The Most Exquisite Toilet Paper Dresses For Barbie Dolls

We wish there was a full size version of these

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Who knew toilet paper could look so beautiful?

Die-hard Barbie doll collector and artist extraordinaire Jian Yang is giving us all the fashion inspo with his mini toilet paper dresses, designed exclusively for Barbie dolls.

The self-confessed Barbie-lover has a collection of over 9000 dolls at his Singapore home, for many of which he has amassed an absolutely stunning collection of toilet paper haute couture. Commonly devised during his many trips abroad, Yang often travels with a doll wherever he goes, and uses hotel toilet paper to fold, cut, and shape elegant gowns for his (Barbie) gals.

With many of his ~models~ sourced from different countries around the globe, cultural influences are certainly evident in many of Yangโ€™s designs. From classic cuts to Asian-inspired drapery or 1950s style hems, Yangโ€™s work is a beautiful testament to both his spectacular doll collection as well as his skill as a miniature fashion designer.

From super long evening gowns to fun day looks, take a look through these stunning toilet paper dresses below. You wonโ€™t be able to stop scrolling – and you wonโ€™t ever want to wear something made of out toilet paper this badly. Promise.

All images cr: Jian Yang

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