Berlin Sketchbook: This Artist Captures Germany’s Capital In All Its Diversity

These are so detailed and beautiful

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Whilst to some people Berlin may be a city of hipsters and underground parties, this artist is giving us a sober yet sweet perspective of the young and fun European metropole.

Keir Edmonds is providing honest and beautifully detailed insight into the German capital with his Berlin sketchbook – capturing in sketches various scenes of daily city life, from public transport and street signs to grocery shopping and unwashed dishes.

Halfway visual diary, halfway city commentary, the artist explains that sketching often provides a form of therapy to him, meditating through the pen as he fills up the pages in his sketchbook. Indeed, a serene quality does come through his drawings, in large part also because they seldom feature many people – a rarity in a big city!

A self-proclaimed ‘Englishman lost in Berlin’, take a scroll through extracts from Edmond’s Berlin sketchbook below. As the artist notes himself, “it’s like going on holiday everyday – and the best bit is you get to travel without baggage or easyJet.”


All images cr: Keir Edmonds

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