Heartbroken Best Man Photobombs Wedding Photoshoot In Most Epic Way

Third-wheel level: MASTER

It’s a third-wheel of the most epic proportions. And the images look like something straight out of our favourite rom-com movie trailer.

One happy bride and groom have taken a series of wedding photos – featuring one unhappy best man.

Ohio-based married couple Brittney and Kody recently posted the photos from their engagement and wedding photoshoots. Some of which, feature Kody’s best friend Mitch still not entirely coming to terms with letting go of his best friend.

To be fair, we’re all at least a little bit possessive of our best friends, so it’s somehow cheekily understandable. And this funny way of portraying that BFF love is certainly a sweet one.

Cr: Country Roads Photography

The photos feature a grumpy best man Mitch in the corner of the shots, donning boots that say “I Don’t” or “Shut Up” in response to the bride’s shoes spelling out “I Won.” Photographed by Lindsey Berger, it’s an adorable way to honour when your best friend starts seeing someone and they give your much-needed attention away to their new boo. Except, of course, the wedding edition.

Since posting, the images of the trio have gone viral, with people sharing the post over and over and laughing and resonating with poor old best man Mitch. Brittney tells Mashable, “Everyone has been tagging us in everything and saying things like, ‘I can’t believe I’m friends with famous people.’”

Not just famous people Brittney. Fame-worthy friendship too.

Cr: Country Roads Photography

As for sad best man Mitch, he reveals that he actually has a girlfriend, who also really supported him throughout the humourous shoot. Perhaps some day Kody will feature in Mitch’s wedding photos, and it’ll be full on #BestFriendGoals all over again.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable