The New Beyonce Valentine’s Day Merch Will Make You Say ‘Pls Bey Mine’

That hoodie tho!!!

Take My Money: 💝🐝 💝🐝 💝🐝 💝🐝 💝🐝  10/10

It wasn’t all too long ago that Beyonce made us slay all the way through Christmas time with her exclusive Christmas merch.

And now the Queen B is back – with a collection of Beyonce Valentine’s Day merch that has us screaming ‘Bey Mine’ at every piece.

That’s right. Singer and all-round goddess Beyonce has unveiled a Beyonce Valentine’s Day collection of tees, sweatshirts, and accessories sure to make you look your very best this Vday (and beyond) regardless of whether you’re going on a hot date or eating ice cream with your cats on the couch.

Featuring that lovey dovey signature baby pink, there’s everything from a crop top with some cherries and the text ‘BEY MINE’ over to a light blue t-shirt with a drawing of Beyonce and the text ‘fulfil my fantasies’. (For those not in the know – that’s from the song ‘Baby Boy’ that Beyonce did with Sean Paul back in 2002 – it was lit).

There are also unisex sweatshirts and hoodies, the latter of which says ‘Rocket ’Til Waterfalls’ on the front, as well as a pair of hot jersey shorts with the text ‘Bootylicious’ on the back.

It seems, no matter what our plans may be this Vday, Beyonce has got out outfit covered.

Our personal fave is definitely the light pink tee with the words ‘ALL NIGHT’ written boldly across the front. All Night, as in, yknow, we be all night <3 (loooove <3).

All images cr: Beyonce Shop

Whether you’ve got strong AF power couple vibes like Jay and the queen herself, or are a cutie Pringle ready or not to mingle, find out more and pick up your Beyonce Valentine’s Day march over on the Beyonce website, and spread the love (and Beyonce) this Vday.

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