You Can Now Get £320 Leather Bin Bags, So You Can Throw Out The Trash In Style

This. Is. Mad.

WTF: 🗑 🗑 🗑 🗑 🗑 🗑 6/10

After the whole IKEA Frakta thing and the whole Balenciaga bag thing, we thought we had seen it all. However, it turns out the big fancy fashion houses still have enough crazy-borderline-bin-worthy fashion for us in store.

Quite literally this time.

Spanish fashion label BIIS is selling leather bin bags, that cost £320 each. EACH!

This is not a joke guys, this is real life. 

Or at least, the kind of real life where you decide to put your RUBBISH into a LEATHER bin bag and leave it outside for waste collectors to pick up and keep, presumably.

Named the ‘Bin Bag 30l’, the Spanish napa leather bag is sized at 54cm x 50cm, and really, truly holds many characteristics of the common plastic bin bag. From the dark colour and slouchy look over to the yellow string at the top, the whole thing looks convincingly real.

To top it off, the website boasts a website of a model doused in rubbish, holding the leather bin bags.

All images cr: BIIS

We can’t tell if BIIS is pulling our leg, or really just reminding us to take out the trash. In any case, if you know someone in need of a luxurious outlet for their garbage, you can find out more or get yours on the BIIS website.

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h/t: Metro