Is Your Soul Dark Enough For This Black Ice Cream? 

This charcoal ice cream looks insane

Amidst the unicorn and mermaid food trends, it was about time a food trend came up that was suited to those of us who are a little… darker. 

Black Charcoal Ice Cream is officially a thing, and it is just as badass as it sounds. 


Looking like something taken straight out of a modern minimalistic interior design catalogue, Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles is serving up these beautiful black sweet treats. And everyone from the goths to the Insta-sphere is loving it. 

How pretty is this?!

Certainly delivering in cool points, the soft serve cones look dangerously good, but also rank high in taste. The almond-charcoal ice creams come in a made-to-order black waffle, adding high and mighty to the witchy, icy, badassery of L.A.’s latest dessert star.

That colour scheme tho

But would it really be an L.A. trend if it weren’t at least a little healthy? Charcoal has been trending almost hotter than TRW and Riverdale lately, with many people finding themselves succumbed to the detoxing, cleansing effects of the substance. 

Is that popcorn as a topping because yes pls.

Whether you’re doing it for the Insta, nutritious perks, or for some temporary goth black lipstick, here’s an ice cream we can all scream for. 

Regular angel white soft serve – meet your match. 


Who wants a scoop?

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