We Can’t Decided Whether These Blinking Eyeball Nails Are Cool Or Creepy

They’re actually modelled after beauty mogul Huda Kattan’s eyes, and they full on blink!

WTF: 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁  5/10

Warning: the following may give you nightmares.

Or serious nail art goals.


We thought we had seen it all when we stumbled upon and gasped at these selfie nails, but these blinking eyeball nails truly take the cake.

Russian nail artist Nail Sunny has created a set of eyeball nails which feature – you guessed it – a pair of artsy eyeballs that can actually full-on blink.

This. Is. (Blinkin’) Mad.

what. the. fluff.

Modelled after the eyes of beauty and cosmetics mogul Huda Kattan, the eyeball nails may look a little (or a lot) creepy at first, but actually have an extremely impressive process behind them. It turns out, the eyeballs nails are not just a 2D painting of some eyes. No no. They’re a full 3D working set of moving eyes, like something out of a fashion horror movie (in a good way).

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Using a fake nail, a hole is drilled through the nail to make room for a spheric eyeball. The eyeball is filled using paint to create a realistic eye colour, and then inserted into the nail. Attached to the eyeball, is an eyelid and lashes, and through a tiny metal needle which is inserted horizontally through the nail (yup, there goes your shot at DIY-ing this at home), these lids and lashes can move up and down, thus creating the impression of a *blink blink*.

The eye is then decorated using actual Huda Kattan make up, with a full application of eye shadow, eye liner, and beautifully shaped eyebrows that are still making me a little jealous.

Indeed, the final result looks a lot like Huda Kattan’s own eyes doused in her own makeup.

Except, of course, they’re miniature and attached to someone’s fingers.


Ok wowza

A very cool way to give someone the side eye or a very creepy way to let your date know you’re watching their every move, we can’t quite decide: is this crazy cool or crazy weird? Or just plain crazy?

What do you think? 🤔