Man Proposes To GF With Blooming Marshmallow Hot Choc And Our Hearts Are Melting

This is so sweet – in every sense of the word!

#SoSweet: 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 8/10

Warning: this may just ruin you for any future hot chocolate with marshmallows you may have. Also, any future husbands and proposals you may get.

A man has proposed to his girlfriend over some hot chocolate, and not just any hot chocolate, but a hot chocolate with a blooming marshmallow that opened up to reveal the engagement ring.

I MEAN… let’s take a moment to let that sink in, shall we?

BEA-uuutiful. <3

Can we, can we just take a moment to scoop up our melted hearts off the floor?

A man called Matt from Philadelphia arranged for the engagement ring to be placed inside the blooming marshmallow, which is a feature of a specialty hot chocolate served at the famed Dominique Ansel Bakery (the marshmallow, not the ring).

Following a two-year long-distance relationship (Matt lives in the US, his fiancé Stefanie in the UK), Matt flew over to England for the special surprise. He tells Metro, “I had initially planned to propose near one of the bridges but I know that others before us have gotten engaged there. I chose Dominique Ansel Bakery because 1.) we’re both foodies and 2.) I had taken her to the NYC location on her 40th birthday last year and she absolutely loved it.”

Is this #goals or is this #GOALS?

The couple in London

After getting in touch with none other than chef Dominique (of Dominique Ansel Bakery), Matt then got to planning the super sweet proposal. He explains that after ordering the hot chocolates on the special day, he got up to “wash his hands”, where he handed over the ring to a chef at the bakery, who then placed it inside the blooming marshmallow.

The hot chocolate then arrived at the table, where the closed marshmallow flower blossomed beautifully to reveal the special surprise, as Matt got down on one knee and popped the question of questions.

And of course, Stefanie said yes. <3

Watch the incredible moment here:


I’m not crying, you are.

Now, who wants some hot choc?

h/t: Metro