This Artist Creates Delicate Book Art By Upcycling Old Books In The Best Way

These are so beautiful

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Have you ever been so submerged in a book that you felt like you were part of its world?

This is a bit like that, except, the book almost becomes a small world.

Paper artist Malena Valcarcel creates some absolutely beautiful book art by upcycling books in the most delicate of ways.

Hailing from Alicante, Spain, the artist is a big lover of books and a big-time crafter, and so combined her two passions to create miniature figures and landscapes using old book pages. At times, the tiny, tiny scenes even tell a story in itself, turning an old book into a fresh canvas.

It’s a beautiful way to reuse books that would have otherwise seen a much more ugly end. The artist describes, “sometimes I rescue [books] from refuse bins, secondhand shops that can’t move them, and even libraries that incinerate unwanted or damaged books to make room for new ones.”

Incredibly detailed and incredibly unique, take a scroll through Malena’s precious book art below. They’ll take you on an enchanting journey.

All images cr: Malena Valcarcel

Purchase your faves over on Malena’s Etsy store, and stay magical.