Boozy Oreos Exist At This Bombay Bar So We’re All Boarding A Flight To India

What could be better than oreos that can get you drunk?

Alcohol-infused food. 

Mumbai bar Hoppipola is making our boozy hearts skip boozy beats. 

The uber cool bar and eatery is serving edible shots by combining some of our favourite sweet treats with complementing liquor and we are loving every sip of it.

Dark rum and cream stuffed Oreo Edible Shot

Cr: Hoppipola/Facebook

From the Oreoella (which features a dark rum and cream center) to the Cafe Neto (filled with nutella, vodka, and coffee), the irresistible bites are the perfect sneaky snack and a great excuse to munch away for pre-drinks. 

And after-drinks. 

And while drinking. 

Baileys with Nutella Swiss Rolls Edible Shot

Cr: Hoppipola/Facebook

For all those times when you’ve had too many tequila shots and need some food in you, we’re happy to announce that Hopcakes exist (cupcakes infused with tequila and orange liqueur). For all those times you wished alcoholic desserts were a thing, we’re glad to say Hoppipola thrives. 

And for all the times when you wondered whether rum-oreos could really get you tipsy – oh, they do. 

Watermelon Fructose with Vodka Edible Shot

Cr: Hoppipola/Facebook

Check out the hic… Hoppipola Facebook page (there’s various branches) and get hoppin’ over there. 

Cr: Mauro Gatti

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