If You Want To Have Breakfast With Giraffes, You Need To See This Hotel

Step into Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, where the tall animals pop in through the window

Every day come breakfast time at Giraffe Manor, guests staying at the hotel get to eat their eggs and munch their toast alongside some very friendly tall locals.

Every day come breakfast time, guests get to have their breakfast with giraffes.

Cr: Ben Groundwater via stuff.co.nz

Yup – real, gorgeous, elegant giraffes. That will steal your doughnuts if you let them. Do I think this is amazing? You bet giraffe I do.

Cr: Ben Groundwater via stuff.co.nz

Good morning all! Hope you slept well!

A herd of endangered giraffes roam the 140-acre forest and 12 acres of private ground of Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor, and whilst hedges are nice and all, love coming up to dine with the guests in search of some great nosh (with cut grass and molasses at the top of their list).

Cr: Ben Groundwater via stuff.co.nz

Let’s see what we got today…

Familiar with the sound of rattling bowls and cutlery, the Rothschild giraffes know when breakfast is served. The dainty residents make their way from the gardens to the sunroom every morning, as the hotel guests sit down to devour the buffet. Except of course, there isn’t much devouring to be done when having breakfast with giraffes.

Lowering their heads into the window, catching some food that is handed to them, it’s like having your morning meal with a nosy, hungry, friend.

Although, we’ve never had quite such a stunning friend…

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This is everything.

A truly unique experience and unforgettable meal, book your stay right away here. And be sure to come with a big appetite and big giraffe friendship prospects.

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Breakfast with Kelly and Kylie 💞

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I was going to have that but… you, you go ahead then.

Brunch with the gals? Nah, breakfast with giraffes, bro. #Goals.