Breakup Texts Turned Banners Are The Most Touching Thing You’ll See Today

This artist turns notes on heartbreak into paper banners to hang up

Breaking up can be a difficult experience for many people, particularly if it happens via text. 

And yet text and instant-messaging culture is very real in this day and age, and sometimes there is a sobering beauty in the words that we choose and use to send (or never hit send) to someone we love, or loved. 

Artist Peyton Fulford is using these breakup texts and notes on heartbreak to turn them into paper banners to string together, hang up, and photograph. 

Entitled ‘Abandoned Love’, the photo series has something shatteringly real about it, capturing the moment and the feelings that occur for anyone going through heartbreak, loneliness, and longing. 

Fulford actually began the project in 2015, where she started a public call for “brief phrases from your diary” and “text messages that are related to themes of love and melancholy/heartbreak” from people from over 30 countries. 

The project highlights the power of emotion behind words, and beautifully contrasts the stereotypically celebratory banners featuring non-stereotypically melancholic text. If anything, the series truly reveals the universality of love and ache through the simple medium of 8” by 11” cardboard letters. 

I’ll never look at my birthday banner without sobbing ever again. 

All images cr: PeytonFulford/Facebook

Find out more about this series over on Fulford’s website, or follow her on Instagram to stay inspired. 

Group hug now, everybody. 

Cr: Disney

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