Bridal Sneakers Are A Thing Now For All Brides Who Hate Heels


Take My Money: 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳  10/10

Heels are cute and all, but you can’t truly get down and dirty on the dance floor in them unless you want your feet to bleed.

Yet somehow heels are a norm at weddings. A great dress, a beautiful hairdo, some on-fleek makeup, and heels. Always heels.

But what if you didn’t want to wear heels? What if you wanted to actually feel your feet at the end of the night? What if you want to be able to run and dance and sing free with your new hubby/wifey? Or what if you were never a heels kinda gal?

Enter: bridal sneakers.

That’s right – bridal sneakers are officially a thing, for all brides who prefer being closer to the ground than lifted a painful five inches above.

Shoe brand Keds has unveiled a wedding collection featuring a series of bridal sneakers in a dreamily range of bridal colours, from classic white and eggshell over to navy, silver, gold, and bronze. Made in collaboration with Kate Spade, the wedding collection features 30 different styles available in canvas, glitter or leather style. Needless to say, they look absolutely perfect:

Keds product line manager Hilary states, “there’s no better way to walk down the aisle than in these elegant sneakers: height without the heel, dance-all-night comfort, plus versatile style so you can keep wearing them well after the big day. A must for brides-to-be!”

All images cr: Keds

As for all of us who aren’t getting married (or committed or anything at all) anytime soon, the sneakers still make for some very cute shoe bling. Think, summer dresses or denim shorts. Maxi skirts or snazzy brunch attire. Athleisure. Suits. Bikinis. <3

Get them for the bride! Get them for the bridesmaids! Get them for your single girlfriends! Starting at around £57 per pair, find out more about the limited edition bridal sneakers and get yours over on the Keds website. And don’t let ‘em tell you brides can’t wear sneakers.

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