These Brutally Honest Party Banners Are So Cheeky (And So Brilliant)

So funny 😂😂

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 10/10

Have you ever hosted a party and thought, “okay can everyone leave now because I want to watch Netflix on my couch”?

Then you’ll love these.

Minnesota-based family business Paper Supply Station sells deeply relatable and brutally honest party banners for any occasion.

Between banners that state “Please Leave By 9” and “Adios Bitchachos”, the tongue-in-cheek glittery banners and balloons are perfect for all introvert millennials or anyone looking for some very unique and funny decor.

There’s everything from “Same Penis Forever” (we’re guessing for engagement/wedding parties) to “Shit Just Got Real”, “Smash The Patriarchy”, and “Holy Shit You’re Old”.

For the super lazy, there’s also a banner that reads, “Custom 7” Banner”. Hehehe.

Sure to lift lit-levels to sky high records, the brutally honest banners are a sparkly spit-on-your-neck fantastic addition to any party. Beautifully Instagrammable and straight to the point, we can imagine hanging these up for the event and then just leaving them there for the rest of the year.

Yknow, ‘cause they funny AF.

Check out some of our faves down below, and visit the Paper Supply Station Etsy Store to purchase any you like.

#ByeFelicia (yup, there’s also a banner for that.)

All images cr: Paper Supply Station/Etsy

Now who’s in the mood for a partay?