Bubble Tea Lovers: Would You Eat This Bubble Tea Sandwich Filled With Pearls?

It’s literally bubble tea morphed into a sandwich

WTF: 🥤 🥤 🥤 🥤 4/10

There’s no denying it.

The best part of sipping bubble tea is sucking out those squishy pearls through the straw and devouring them in all their bubbly tea-y goodness.

You can’t fight us on this one.

And now, aiming to bring those precious pearls not only to our beverages but also to our food, TP TEA in Taiwan is serving up a one-of-a-kind bubble tea sandwich. That’s right. Bubble tea in chewable, desk-lunch-able, snack-on-sofa-able form.

This. Is. Mad.

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📌茶湯會(向上二店) 🍞茶香肉蛋熱壓吐司 $69 🍞爆漿珍奶熱壓吐司 $55 🥛厚奶茶 – ✨目前只有台中向上二店獨賣熱壓吐司❤️ 口味分別是紅豆QQ、堅果乳酪、爆漿珍奶、茶香肉蛋、起司燒肉、泡菜燒肉 6種!現在也有推出組合優惠的活動喔🎉 這次點了一鹹一甜的口味來嚐鮮,吐司外酥內軟,茶香肉蛋的特製醬料出乎意料的好吃👍和裡頭的燒肉及歐姆蛋很搭😋 爆漿珍奶的甜度不會過甜,珍珠也有Q😍這兩款相比我比較喜歡鹹的😚 厚奶茶是搭配吐司的限定飲品!味道很香濃,甜度喝起來大概是外面的半糖😆這項飲品是沒有單賣的喔! – 🔹限定飲品:輕焙烏龍茶、東方美人茶、厚奶茶 – 💡買任一吐司+飲料➡️飲品88折 👉 🏠地址:台中市南屯區向上路二段436-2號 📞電話:04-23801127 ⏰營業時間:10:00~22:00

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Wait… what?

Made using milk tea, the bubble tea sandwich consists of fresh bread filled with a milk tea cream and topped with plenty of tapioca pearls. Besides this classic, other toppings (fillings?) are also available, essentially turning any of your favourite bubble tea combos into true sweet sandwich snacks.

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As for the taste, we’re assuming a cross between sweet velvety cream mixed with bursts of juicy and rubbery pearls, cushioned between soft and weirdly complementing bread. Perhaps it’s a little like an Asian spin on peanut butter jelly sandwiches, except the peanut butter is milk tea and the jelly is a tapioca pearl.

Peekaboo, pearls!

A quick search on Instagram reveals that the snack is already proving to be quite the hit, with die-hard bubble tea lovers already posting many pictures of the unique number.

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🚩[茶湯會-向上二店] 🔖 #didi🍴台中 🌟往左滑👈🏻還有更多照片📲 繼上次的「爆漿珍奶吐司」之後➰ 1️⃣2️⃣🈷️又推出新口味的熱壓吐司❗️ 多了兩款甜的:紅豆QQ吐司、堅果乳酪 兩款鹹的:泡菜燒肉吐司、起司燒肉吐司 這次我都吃甜的😋因為我叫滴滴啊(甜的台語) 🔺目前熱壓吐司只有”向上二店”才有哦! 為了迎接叮叮噹🔔聖誕節🎄的到來🎅🏼 另外熱飲的部分也悄悄的更換成可愛旺旺杯🐕 . 【📣12月份活動:】 ➰甜熱壓吐司🍞+限定飲品🥤👉🏻ᴺᵀ85 ➰鹹熱壓吐司🍞+限定飲品🥤👉🏻ᴺᵀ99 . ❤️紅豆QQ吐司ᴺᵀ55 吐司表層烤得很酥脆,大口咬下 裏頭吃得到香甜紅豆跟Q彈麻糬 還加入了一片起司🧀️鹹甜中和 讓整個吃起來不會很膩😋👍🏻 . 🖤爆漿珍奶吐司ᴺᵀ55 上次也有吃這個爆漿珍奶吐司! 今天來回味一下😌奶香濃郁🐄 內餡的珍珠超Q彈😋不過要小心燙口 . 🌰堅果乳酪吐司ᴺᵀ60 裏頭包著一粒粒的杏仁角,抹上乳酪醬 吃起很有堅果香氣,還有ㄎㄠㄎㄠ的感覺 . 🥤波霸堅果拿鐵ᴺᵀ60 冬季新推出的熱飲☕️ 香醇濃郁的拿鐵搭配烘焙的堅果 在寒冷的天氣裡來上一杯超幸福☺️ . 🥤紫米紅豆拿鐵ᴺᵀ60 這個好適合女生那個來喝☺️ 裏頭的紫米跟紅豆也給的超多🙌🏻 點微糖剛剛好,本身紅豆也有甜 . 📌茶湯會-向上二店 🏠台中市南屯區向上路二段436-2號 ☎️(04)2380-1127 平日🕙ᴬᴹ10:00~🕙ᴾᴹ22:00 假日🕙ᴬᴹ10:00~🕥ᴾᴹ22:30 店家🅸🅶🔍 @tptea.tw . —–🏷相關標籤🏷—– #滴滴♥️吃甜點 #滴滴♥️喝飲料 . #taichung #taichungfood #dessert #instafood #instadaily #yummyday #2eat2gether #foodie #fooddiary #foodporn #popyummy #toasts #台中 #台中美食 #茶湯會 #熱壓吐司 #爆漿珍奶吐司 #紅豆QQ吐司 #堅果乳酪

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有鹹有甜 #爆漿珍奶

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A creative (and delicious) way to save plastic on your regular bubble tea order as well as a sweet breakfast bite, this could be exactly your cup of tea if bubble tea is normally, well, your cup of tea.

What do you think? Would you try a bubble tea sandwich?