Burger King Launches Whopper Flavoured Toothpaste For Burger Lovers Everywhere

We’re equal parts disgusted and intrigued… 

If you’re sick of refreshing mint toothpaste and need something with more grit to brush those pearly whites, Burger King may have just launched the thing for you. 

The fast food giant has just released Whopper Toothpaste, which tastes just like their infamous hamburger. 

Cr: BuzzmanAgency via UFunk

To all those who go to bed dreaming of burgers and wake up wanting a bite, look no further. This meaty flavoured toothpaste is said to quite precisely taste just like the Burger King staple, except, yknow, all creamy and foamy first thing in the morning and stuff. 

Cr: BuzzmanAgency via UFunk

And if you assume Whopper Toothpaste is all beefy fun and no health, you assume wrong. The toothpaste is not just a hearty snack, but also functions as actual toothpaste. The substance contains active agents that help to maintain oral hygiene as you brush them onto your teeth. This all probably works best, of course, if you gargle with some supersize soda afterwards. 

Cr: BuzzmanAgency via UFunk

Supposedly available at Burger King restaurants and pharmacies, we’re having serious trouble believing this is a real thing and not just some sort of evil joke. Either way, it’s an eye and hunger catching campaign imagined by Buzzman agency. Take a look at the video below (English subtitles are available under settings), and convince yourself. 

What do you think?

h/t: UFunk