This Artist Adds Burgers To Classic Paintings And The Results Are So Funny

Even masterpieces need a happy meal from time to time

#FoodArt: 🍔🖼 🍔🖼 🍔🖼 🍔🖼 🍔🖼 10/10

Burgers and fries may make a mouthwatering combo, but you know what’s even better?

Burgers and fries and classical paintings.

Wait… what?

Bringing a whole new definition to #FoodArt, artist Gabriel Nardelli Araujo is adding happy meals to classical masterpieces in a series entitled ‘The Burger Friday’.

A cheeky spin-off to his famed ‘The Canvas Project’, wherein Araujo sets figures from famous paintings into modern-day scenarios, ‘The Burger Friday’ features along the same tangent, with both a charming playfulness and funny placement alike.

From squeezing ketchup out of the bottle and pouring soft drinks to setting stacks of hamburgers on medieval trays, Araujo creates a sneaky interference into classical paintings. Whilst burgers and fries probably weren’t on the menu du jour back in those days, somehow it is a chuckle-worthy thought to imagine this.

Also, something tells us, had double bacon cheese burgers been present at the medieval feast tables, they would have been an instant hit.

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A sweet and saturated fat twist on art of the Renaissance, take a scroll through Araujo’s Burger Friday series below. We have a feeling you’ll love these.

All images cr: The Burger Friday/Gabriel Nardelli Araujo

Follow Araujo under ‘The Canvas Project’ over on Instagram, and then go out and get some burgers.

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