Meet The Ergonomic Phone Case That Looks And Feels Like A Butt


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Admit it. Butts look and feel AMAZING.

But for most of us, touching a butt for most of the day is either a) highly inappropriate or b) deeply frowned upon – which is why when we saw this ergonomic phone case that happens to look like a butt, we knew we had to get in on it.

A brand called HandL, that specialises in ergonomic phone covers, has released ‘MAXIMUS’ – a phone case that looks like two cute buttocks. And is meant to soothe and de-stress you throughout your day.

They’re dubbing it ‘the most ergonomic phone case ever created,’ and whilst I’m no scientist, I can tell you that I can most definitely believe it.

I mean, look at this beauty:

Nicknamed ‘The Butt Case’, the phone cover took years to develop. From finding the right materials/textures over to creating the best butt shape. In an entirely non-creepy way.

Inventor Allen Hirsch explains, “[It’s] not sexual but for the most pleasurable form for the hand to touch. I also wanted to connect the digital world we often lose ourselves in with an idealised real world tactile experience.”

For that, a special mix of semiliquid silicone was used to create the butt shape. Coincidentally (well, not really), it’s also the same material often used in butt enhancement surgeries.


All images cr: HandL

Aside from the buttocks, there’s also a band that allows users to hold their phones without gripping them. And on a more psychological level, the design even aids our relationships with our phone. Niv Dror from Product Hunt states, “Our sense of touch is one of the most fundamental forms of communication and building relationships.” So in a sense, the ergonomic phone case butt may just enhance everything you do with your phone.


(Also, it’ll definitely put a cheeky spin on any future butt-dialing and booty-calling you do.)

Retailing at around $70 each, find out more over on the HandL website.

Yay butts!

h/t: Designtaxi