Butterbeer Doughnuts Exist, And They Look Absolutely Magical

They even come with a mini golden snitch!

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We have a feeling everyone in the Gryffindor common room would go WILD over these.

Butterbeer doughnuts are really a thing now, combining the famed Butterbeer beverage from the Harry Potter series with a hearty pastry. And before you ask – yes, they’re as good as they sound.

Cr: Sugar Shack/Facebook

Virginia-based doughnut shop Sugar Shack Donuts is selling the magical desserts, which taste like a cross of butter scotch and cream soda. Featuring a dreamy white icing and some sprinkle stars, the butterbeer doughnuts come sporting a mini golden snitch in the centre – complete with vanilla fondant wings and all.

I mean, is doesn’t this look EXACTLY like something everyone would pick at a sweet shop in Hogsmeade?

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Cr: Sugar Shack/Facebook

Sold at Sugar Shack chains across the U.S., the handmade doughnut shop is rolling out the specialty treats throughout the month of October. They’ll only be available for a limited time and demand is already proving to be very high, so it’s probably best to check in with your local store. Furthermore, to add to the Harry Potter fun, Sugar Shack is also providing anyone with a first name beginning with H or a last name beginning with P (get it?) with one free doughnut upon arrival.

All wizards and aspiring wizards: you donut want to miss out on these.

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Who want’s a bite?

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