Instead Of Pumpkins, People Are Carving Pineapples For Halloween

Like celebrating Halloween in Hawaii?

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Step aside, Jack-O-Lantern. A Pina Colada has entered the building for Halloween.

Well, sorta.

People are giving Halloween traditions a tropical twist this year by carving pineapples instead of pumpkins. Where normally a pumpkin is taken and turned into a spooky face, this year several people are taking to pineapples to create some fruity seasonal decor.

Itโ€™s perfect for anyone who canโ€™t quite let go of Summer just yet, but also freakinโ€™ loves Halloween. And pineapples.

Okay these are VERY cute

Sharing their spikey-headed creations on social media, avid Instagrammers have been quick to take on the trend. Whilst the prickly exterior of a pineapple may scare off first-timers in the beginning, the process doesnโ€™t seem to be too difficult. In fact, some carvers have been saying that carving pineapples is actually easier than carving pumpkins.

Hey guys

However, whilst pumpkins are usually on display for the bulk of October, pineapples have a much short decor life. After a while, they may begin to attract fruit flies, and also go a bit mouldy (truly gruesome!).

The good news is, you can always use the insides for making some fruit homemade pina coladas. #Win.


Itโ€™s a bit like celebrating Halloween in Hawaii.

What do you think?

h/t: Delish via Insider