Reading On The Toilet: Kids Make Cat Newspaper For Cat To Read In The Litter Box

This is so cute we can’t even

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It is very important to have something good to read while you’re sitting on the toilet. Yet whilst humans have a massive choice between magazines, newspapers, and our smartphones, have you ever thought about whether our pets might enjoy some sweet loo literature while going about their business too?

Two girls aged 10 and 12 have designed a cat newspaper for their beautifully named cat ‘Baba Ganoush’ to read while in the litter box, aka, the cat toilet.

This is very important.

Detailing everything that is happening in the world of business and ~pawlitics~, the charmingly illustrated cat newspaper features all that a cat needs to know to stay in the loop while on the loo. Pinned up on the wall next to Baba’s litter box, the newspaper sits as a source of entertainment whenever he’s in there and feeling a bit bored.

(We’ve all been there Baba Ganoush, don’t worry).

Tailored to meet kitty interests, the newspaper features all kinds of headlines from ‘Hurricane Purma Strikes Again!’ to ‘Miss Fluffy Won The Pageant!’ and ‘Cat Fight!’, as well as an advert for ‘Purshy’s’ chocolate bar.

Really, the cat pun game here is strong, and the drawings even more heartwarmingly so.

All images cr: Jarrod Krieger

Surely making any visit to the bathroom an exciting and entertaining time for 7-year-old Baba Ganoush, we’re definitely loving this absolutely adorable publication.

I mean, purrblication.

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h/t: Metro