Cat-Shaped Bread Is A Thing And We Need Some Right Meow

The best thing since sliced bread is… cat-shaped sliced bread, duh.

Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen (and cats), because this next food we’re about to show you is fur-reakishly fab.

You may have heard of purebred cats, but have you ever heard of pure cat-shaped bread?

Cat-shaped bread exists, and it’s quite pawssibly the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, it’s literally bread that is shaped like a cat – complete with totes adorbs ears and all.

Can we please paws for a sec to admire this beauty?

Cr: Blue Jean Cafe

Japanese Blue Jean Cafe are the masterbakers behind this cat lover’s sandwich dream come true, and are selling ‘Ironeko Bread’ (neko = cat) to celebrate the cafe’s reopening.

And it’s a sweet celebration alright. RocketNews reports that the feline loaf has a sweeter taste than average bread due to the special baking technique the cafe uses. To be fair, it kind of makes sense too. I mean, cats love sipping milk, so cat-shaped bread should fittingly be sweet enough to accompany that.

Cr: Blue Jean Cafe

The bread is sold in packs of five slices, and is priced at 350 yen (approx £2) per pack. It’s a little pricy for as common a food staple as bread, but when it’s cat-shaped, we don’t need any purrrrsuading.

I mean, just imagine how much better your mornings would be munching butter on toasted cat-shaped bread.

Cr: elinsomniomehacemierda.tumblr

Miles and meows better.

And if you prefer cats in offices instead of in bread – check out this workplace where workers snuggle with cats for a living.

h/t: metro