You Need To Check Out This Cat Yoga Class Featuring Adorable Rescue Cats

The class consists of doing regular yoga poses – with the addition of some cute kitty cats!

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Yoga with humans is nice and all, but you know what’s better? Yoga with cats.

That’s right – cat yoga is officially a thing, and whilst it sorta sounds like a group of cats adorably doing the downward dog pose together, is actually something much, much cuter.

A Santa Barbara cat cafe named ‘Cat Therapy’ is holding cat yoga classes, which involve one hour of deep stretching surrounded by a playful group of cats. (The humans do the stretching, the cats do the cuddles and snuggles). The website reads, “Expect a fun, light-hearted experience appropriate for all yoga levels followed by 30 minutes of cat cuddles. This unique offering will leave you purring inside and out!”

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However, whilst a purring heart and a sweet workout is a nice side effect of the class, Cat Therapy actually holds the classes to introduce cat lovers to adorable kitties that are looking for a new home. All the cats are rescue cats, and come from local shelters around the area. After you fall in love during the joint yoga sesh, participants can opt to adopt one of the fabulous felines and take them home.

It’s a pretty cute first date, tbh.

Speaking of dates – Cat Therapy also provides all human visitors with some suitable snacks, from coffee and smoothies over to colourful acai bowls. Spreading chill vibes and giving rescue cats a beautiful chance for a new life, the cafe truly seeks to get everyone feline good.

All images cr: Cat Therapy/Facebook

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