At This Office, Workers Play With Cats To Ease Stress

Um, dream job much?!

If you’re one of those people who struggles to get out of bed in the morning and get to the office for work, this may get you feline differently.

An office in Japan features cats in the workplace with the sole function of cuddling and snuggling with you all day. No, we are not kitten. This is a real thing.

Cr: Syoko Akiyoshi/AFP/Getty Images

I mean, how purr-fect?!

IT company Ferray in Tokyo is home to the nine kitties who live, eat, sleep, and play around the office space.

Workers get to pet the cats whenever their workload gets a little heavy, and also have some very adorable company throughout their 9 to 5.

Cr: Syoko Akiyoshi/AFP/Getty Images

Aimed to target workers’ stress and anxieties, the cat project has actually been running for almost 20 years meow.

It began following a plea by an employee, who suggested that workers should be allowed to bring their cats to work. That dream quickly became reality and a “cat accompanying computing system” was implemented in 2000. According to AFPBB, staff are allowed to bring their own cats or take care of the office regulars, so as to provide company and care to these pets. Workers get an added boost of motivation from their feline friends, and the cats are provided with all the TLC they need.

The personal snuggles to lighten your workload certainly add a bonus.

Cr: Syoko Akiyoshi/AFP/Getty Images

However, anyone who has a cat will know that cats around important papers and devices isn’t always an easy breezy affair. The awesome pawsomes regularly leave their pawprints on telephones and cancel ongoing calls, or turn off computers by pulling out the cables as they roam.

Sounds kinda cute, but it can be a serious cat-astrophe okay?!

Cr: Syoko Akiyoshi/AFP/Getty Images

Nevertheless, the project has proven so popular that a number of other offices in Japan have started implementing similar concepts. I guess you could say ~copycat~ concepts.

Cr: Syoko Akiyoshi/AFP/Getty Images

Between cat cafes and cats in offices, I think one thing we know for sure. Anywhere we can get cats is a paw-sitively happy place.

Now… how to get our CV to Japan…

h/t: Metro