Someone Made An Insta Account Called ‘Celebrities in Ramen’ And It Is Brilliant


Besides stalking your ex, let’s be completely honest here and admit that the main reason we log onto Instagram is to see pictures of food and of celebrities.

And whilst one genius has already taken to compile the two to create a ‘Celebs on Sandwiches’ Instagram account, a second genius has now come up with ‘Celebrities in Ramen’.

That’s right – there’s an actual Instagram account out there that features the likes of Selena Gomez, Brad Pitt, and Obama just hangin’ out in some good old Japanese noodle broth.

Ah, the wonders of the internet.

However, if you thought these images were just some simple cut ups or collages of a star here or there next to a bowl of ramen, you thought wrong. ‘Celebrities in Ramen’ is art. ‘Celebrities in Ramen’ tells a story.

Behold, here, RuPaul slithering into a hot bowl after a glam night out…

And here, Harry Styles stepping out of a light chicken broth

And here, you can almost hear Oprah saying, “you get ramen! You get ramen! You get ramen!”

I mean, just look at Will Ferrell enjoying that grated ginger

And Roger Federer slicing those tennis balls, err, runny eggs, into two

If you look closely here, you’ll spot Leonardo DiCaprio somewhere…

And Kevin Spacey’s look is probably the look you give yourself after devouring three bowls of ramen in a row

Again, we won’t tell you where, but Drake’s face is hiding somewhere in this picture…

And Taylor Swift probably waiting around for her squad to eat up that sliced pork.

All images cr: @celebrities_in_ramen/Instagram

It’s spicy and exciting and it’s gorgeous and it’s satisfying. Follow ‘Celebrities in Ramen’ on Instagram for more, and stay delicious.

Who’s hungry?