These Expressive Biscuits Are The Perfect Addition To Your Cheeky Tea Time

 Warning: some of these are sorta NSFW

They say that tea is like a hug in a cup.

And if that’s so, biscuits with your tea are like a full on cuddle on the side. A dainty little peck. A heartfelt cutesy smooch. A gentle kiss on the forehead featuring a sweet caress on your lower back.

Alright alright, let’s get back to the point.

The point is that biscuits and tea are one sugary match made in heaven. But you know what could elevate even that perfect pair? Swear words and cheeky sayings.

A company called Shanty Biscuits sells some very expressive cookies. Cut and flavoured in the classics we know and love, the rectangular-shaped babies have some sneaky messages printed on them. From “Eating is my Cardio” over to “Lord of the Biscuits” and “Hungry & Sexy.”

(Nod if ‘Hungry & Sexy’ is 100% you rn)

The simplicity and the swagger they carry quite possibly beats every biscuit we’ve ever had. And they’re definitely the next best thing to dunk into your hot beverage come tea time.

Originating from the South of France (you can get French sayings too, mais oui!), the sweet treats come in a variety of flavours, from the usual vanilla and chocolate over to matcha, pistachio, or hazelnut.

I mean, just imagine having this after a long/hard/sexy day. It’s the perfect combination of cute and delicious.

You know what they say… If it’s imprinted on a cookie, it’s official.

Check out more of these adorable bites over on the Shanty Biscuits Instagram page, because we know your stomach is growling right now.

h/t: UFunk