Goodbye Bubble Tea: Cheese Tea Is Quickly Becoming A New Asian Beverage Bae

Cheesy tea? WTF??

Get In My Belly: 🧀🍹 🧀🍹 🧀🍹  6/10

It’s as if someone took two of our favourite foods and combined them into one sorta strange, sorta sublime iced drink.

That’s right – whilst cheese and tea were formerly mutually exclusive foodie friends, cheese tea is now a thing.

I know what you’re thinking. “You’ve got to brie kidding, right?” But you’re wrong. This is really a thing. And apparently, it is really grate. (Okay, no more cheese puns)

Don’t worry, just the top layer is actual cheese…

Cheese tea is coming in to topple bubble tea from its number one spot as Southeast Asia’s fave babe beverage. And the obsession is real – from China to Singapore to Thailand and a little beyond.

Made up of any milk, fruit, or herbal tea topped with frothy cream cheese, the trendy beverage is quite literally what the name describes. It’s a cup of tea (normally iced), with a layer of cheese on top. And whilst there are several different versions, and some regional variations, cheese tea’s most distinctive feature (besides a show-stopping name) is this thick layer of creamy cheese foam at the top of the cup.

Made using whipped cream and cheese, the foam is sweet ish in taste, and adds to the flavour of the drink. A very important point is that cheese layer and tea layer are kept separate, as the two components are not meant to be blended. The blending happens in your mouth. And it’s supposedly very, very nice.

The cherry – I mean cheese – on top is a couple gratings of cheese as a prime form of garnishing. After all, all the best things should have a couple gratings of cheese as a prime form of garnishing, right? Right?

Dibs on the one with extra gratings on top

And the quirky presentation is no mere coincidence either.

Like art, you’re meant to enjoy all the layers. This is why cheese tea is enjoyed not with a straw (you’d just get the tea at the bottom of the cup then), but straight from the glass. This allows for the true marker of a good cuppa, as when you go in for a sip, you’ll end up a frothy old cheese ‘stache. Cute. 

Hey, is there something on my face?

As for taste, we’re imagining something along the lines of having fondue (minus bread) with a sip of iced tea.

I mean, it depends largely on your chosen tea/cheese, but devoted drinkers often describe the flavour as a party of savoury and sweet. Think salty boo meats sugary bae. Think cheesy cheese meets cakey cake. And think, bittersweet new foodie trend.

All images cr: Heekcaa/Facebook

Although ‘new’ isn’t exactly the truest statement. Asia is no stranger to cheese – and lot’s of it.

From the Koreans and the Japanese who cannot seem to get enough of it on their noodles and meat, over to the Thais who are slowly dabbling in creamier versions, cheese (and not the stinky kind) is quickly becoming an addictive indulgence throughout the region. Smothered left, right, and centre onto anything we love to consume – this now includes tea.

Who knows. Maybe the cheese tea food trend will truly be the next big thing to make us say, “cheese.” 🙂


What do you think?

All images by Heekcaa Thailand – check them out for a prime sample of the good slurpy stuff!