You Can Now Hit The Slopes And Practise Your Skiing Right In The Heart Of London

“Where London meets the Mountains”

Skiing Hack: ⛷⛷ 8/10

London is bringing the snowy slopes right into the heart of the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

For all those times you wanted to snowboard your city troubles away, or perfect your slalom skiing, Chel-ski (brilliant name) has opened its doors to all winter mountain sport aficionados. 

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Located just off the famed King’s Road in Chelsea, the indoor ski slopes are part of London’s largest indoor ski centre and feature hi-tech remote-controlled treadmills, allowing anyone from the shy newbie to the show-y pro to practise those moves. The risk of injury runs lower than on real-life slopes due to the lack of rocks and obstacles, and mobility as well as comfort are visibly increased as you do not need any of that heavy ski wear. 

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The ski speeds up to 30 kmph with a gradient of 40 degrees, adjustable based on your ability. Instructors look after up to 3 people on each slope at a time, with private tuitions available too.

If you’re going on a Swiss Alps holiday with your girlfriend’s parents next ski season and you need to impress, you know where to go now. 

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As for the apres-ski (we were all thinking it, let’s be honest), guests can have a drink at the Alpine Bar and a dip of the fondue at the chalet. 

Cr: ChelSki/Facebook

For all those times you’re feeling snow board (see what I did there) of regular sports and lack of snow in London, find out more over on the Chel-ski website

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