If You Love Fried Chicken, You Need These Chicken Drumstick Pants

Fulfil your dreams of looking like a half-chicken <3

Take My Money: 🍗 🍗 🍗 🍗  4/10

Do you ever sit on your couch eating fried chicken and think, “I freakin’ love fried chicken”?

Then these pants are for you.

Japanese Twitter user k_kazu_magi has discovered a pair of chicken drumstick pants, and they look like something off a catwalk between Haute Couture and KFC.

The Twitter user wrote in Japanese, “All I can think about when I look at these pants… is KFC. They look just like fried chicken.”

And yknow what? We TOTALLY get it.

Quirky enough to be part of a fried chicken Halloween costume, yet cool enough to make for a opposite-of-figure-hugging high fashion look, whether it’s the crispy batter-like colour, or the chicken thigh shape, the resemblance is truly uncanny.

Sold by Japanese online marketplace Rakuten, fellow Twitter users were quick to pick up on the extraordinary chicken pants. And began comparing the visually familiar item immediately. In bucketloads (get it?), if you will.

The most common resemblance was chicken:

However, carrots was also a popular contender:


And more…

Drumstick pants or dramatic fashion pants, all we know right now is that we definitely need to put on some trousers and eat fried chicken.

What do you think?