These Fluffy Toys Are Actually Made Of Cake And You’re Gonna Wanna Cuddle ‘Em

…and then eat ‘em.

If you love teddy bears, and you love cake, this is for you.

Singaporean home baker Susanne Ng is making our hearts swoon for her absolutely adorable fluffy toys. Except they aren’t toys. They’re actually cakes.

Um… #DoubleSwoon?!!

So cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeee

The stay-at-home-mom creates pastel-coloured stuffed animals made from chiffon cake, and they look like every childhood memory and sweet nostalgic toy shop dream we’ve ever had.

The foam-like cake is extra light, making for convincingly real-looking fluffy toys.

Hi Pusheen!

Ng actually started baking for her children four years ago, but realised that a lot of sugar goes into average butter cakes. That’s where chiffon cakes stepped in, and a once-in-a-while hobby turned into a dreamy obsession. Now Ng has actually published two hit bake books, one of which explains the art of the chiffon cake.

Okay how adorable is this?!

In conversation with Mashable, Ng states that she often finds inspiration for models based on the stuffed toys lying around the house.

So fantastic

Large cakes can take up to an entire day to make, given the process of baking and cooling, and then, of course, that genius sculpting. As Ng often makes very creative figures, the home-baker often uses household items like egg shells or paper cones to get just the right shapes for her moulds.

Us rn

The mom of three has a PhD in biomedical engineering, and admits that her science background often helps in creating her scrumptious fluffy toys. “I think I take a scientific approach to baking, in terms of studying, understanding and then controlling the patterns and processes. For every creation I make, I try to challenge myself to create something new.”


Well, Susanne Ng, whatever you create next, know that we’ll be here. Drooling and swooning.

Who wants a cuddle/couple bites?

h/t: mashable