This Massive Chinchilla Bed Is A Must-Have For All Serial Nappers

It looks DIVINE

#BedGoals: 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 8/10

If you’re a Japanese animation fan, you’re really going to like this.

And if you’re a fan of sleeping in general, you’re also really going to like this.

Chinese online marketplace website Taobao is selling a massive chinchilla bed, and it looks like a true piece of paradise for all serial nappers.

(N.B. No actual chinchillas were used in the making of this item)

Featuring a chinchilla similar to the popular Japanese character ‘Totoro’ from the Studio Ghibli 1988 movie ‘My Neighbour Totoro’, the bed is beautifully reminiscent of a scene from the movie where character Mei falls asleep atop of Totoro’s big belly. It’s a truly adorable moment, and one that can now kind of come to life.

The ‘Chinchilla futon bed’ is made up of one huge chinchilla complete with adorably emerging paws and tail. The whole thing looks incredibly soft and cushiony, and there’s even a small pouch on the belly, into which nappers and snoozers can slip into and drift off.

Priced at around $80 (552 Chinese Yuan) per chinchilla bed, the cosy item measures 2.4 metres by 2 metres, and even comes with a set of pillows. It’s a true bargain in comparison to all the many non-furry non-cuddly-animal beds out there, yet if you don’t live in China, delivery costs may burn a tiny chinchilla-shaped hole in your wallet.

We’re still kind of considering it though.

I mean… just imagine all the sweet dreams to be had here:

All images via TaoBao

Sigh. Goals. <3

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h/t: SoraNews24