Is Chinning Going To Be The Next Big Social Media Photo Trend?

It’s pretty funny, NGL

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This article was originally posted in October 2017.

When was the last time you took a good ol’ chinfie?

21-year-old Michelle Liu is going viral with her many chinfies – a kind of selfie that involves chinning, or the act of taking a distorted selfie that shows off your chins, sorta.


Tired of picture perfect and posed Instagram photos, Liu’s approach to the regular travel selfie combines a strong anti to staged perfection with charm, humour, and downright chin badassery.

Where other travellers take excessive selfies from high angles or pose pretending to lean against notable monuments, Liu simply positions herself in front of scenic backgrounds and takes her selfies at a less flattering angle. Although ‘less flattering’ isn’t really a fair term. It’s quirky. It’s cheeky. And in one word: it’s chinning.

And we absolutely love it.

ok wow

Starting her ~chinventures~ back in September 2016, Liu has travelled (and chinned) everywhere from Prague to Beijing. In conversation with Mic she reveals that her chinning actually came as a way for her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Feeling the pressure to “look a a certain way” all through middle school, taking chinfies and embracing her more wacky fun side really allowed her to feel confident. And take some pretty dope photos.

Armed with solely an iPhone and a selfie stick, Liu explains that people often curiously watch her get into position and take her funnily angled shots. “Strangers always notice me chinning. Some appear shocked, others confused, but across the board from my experience, they are usually entertained.”

love itttt

The entertainment is becoming so much so that Liu has now acquired a 7k following on Instagram, with many people loving and showing deep appreciation for the young woman’s endearing photographs.

Holding a positive message and brightening the day of anyone who comes across them, take a scroll through Liu’s creations below. They’ll definitely tempt you to take your own chinfie today.


Which is your fave?