Christmas In Yemen: Artist Creates Striking Billboards To Show Brutal Contrast

The series shows a stark contrast between common Christmas imagery and ruins of war

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Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year.

But not for all of us.

Street photographer Igor Dobrowlski has released a series of billboards entitled ‘Christmas in Yemen’, aiming to highlight the gravity of the situation in Yemen. The striking visuals bear strong contrasts between typical Christmas and festive imagery with the consequences of war: poverty, starvation, disease, and destruction.

One shot features a mother carrying her malnourished child, with a handful of presents photoshopped into her hands. Another shows the mass destruction and ruins of a home, with a picture of a Christmas tree photoshopped into the scene. It’s a strong side-by-side of images, and truly highlights that whilst we may be counting our presents under the tree, others at the same moment in time are dealing with the destruction of war and struggling for survival.

Sharp and thought-provoking, take a look through some of the images from Dobrowlski’s ‘Christmas in Yemen’ series below. They’re an important reminder and a sobering reality we must not forget, regardless of how many candy canes we devour and ugly sweaters we sport.

All images cr: Igor Dobrowlski

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