A NYC Bar Is Hosting A Mean Girls Brunch Called ‘Jingle Bell Rock’

There’s going to be Glen Coco and Butter-less Carb cocktails and just wait ’til you see the freebies

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Guys, it’s time to bring out your red PVC two-piece Santa costumes.

A midtown NYC bar called 5th&Mad is bringing all our millennial faves together and hosting a Mean Girls brunch called ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ this December. And it sounds freakin’ fantastic.

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Inviting all die-hard Mean Girls fans to come live out their wildest dream, the gastropub is ensuring “rainbows and smiles” all the way with a range of themed food, cocktails, and games. Ngl, it all sounds extremely fetch. (Is that word happening yet tho)

Encouraging guests to wear their naughtiest Santa outfits or anything that screams ‘on brunch days we wear pink’, there’s going to be everything from Glen Coco (you go Glen Coco!) cocktails to Carb-less Butter drinks. There’ll also be free condoms up for grabs, but they will come with the warning that if you do use them to have sex, “you will get pregnant, and die.”

But you already knew that one. 😉

Cr: 5th&Mad via Eventbrite

Furthermore, there’ll be an ongoing game where the barman exclaims ‘that’s so…’, and whoever shouts back ‘fetch!’ gets a free shot. You’ll also have the chance to win Spring Fling King or Queen (with the prize of two cocktails), which is probably the greatest single thing missing from your life.

Taking place on one day only on December 16th between 12-5pm, tickets are priced at $30 each and include a main and a dessert, and you can find out more on the Mean Girls brunch Eventbrite page.

We can TOTALLY see our brunch buddy turning around to ask us what day it is on December 16th and us replying with, ‘It’s December 16th.’ <3 <3 <3 So. Excited.

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Who’s coming?