Christmas Tree Hair Is A Thing Now And Just, Just Thanks 2016

Super festive and super… bizarre.

This is prettier than my actual tree

Something possibly straight out of Zoolander’s Christmas card, this height-defying hairstyle is causing many ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s across the interwebs. 


The look is quite self-explanatory, and involves creating an upturned cone shape using your hair, and then decorating individual strands with festive ornaments. Take your tree with you wherever you go!

Straight outta Whoville

The secret to fight the feat of gravity? Hide a cone or a small bottle inside your hair, so that the whole shebang stays in place throughout the day. Also, some steel-strong hair spray. 

Now that’s one way to stand out on the Christmas photo. 

Tree or human?

And if you really want to embrace the Christmas spirit – dye your hair green too. Go big (quite literally) or go home. 


Spread some Christmas cheer. And maybe some giggles. 

Okay this is really cute.

Christmas Tree (Hair), Oh Christmas Tree (Hair). 

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