These Collages Show Classic Paintings Gone Wild, And We’re Obsessed With Them

Van Gogh lights a cigarette for Mona Lisa, and the Girl with a Pearl Earring dances at the strip club…

If you’ve ever looked at the Mona Lisa and wondered what she gets up to on the weekends, this artist is going to give your wildest fantasies some serious and surreal competition.

American artist Barry Kite creates crazy collages features some very famous figures we know from classic paintings.

From the Girl with a Pearl Earring at the strip club to Van Gogh lighting Mona Lisa’s cigarette, it’s as freaky and as fabulous as a pop-culture movie meets bachelor party shenanigans.

Creating an imaginative encounter between art history and modern debauchery, Kite puts together a fantastic collage featuring meme culture and classical figures.

There’s a high element of fun in his work, and there’s a high sense of FOMO in wishing we were there.

Take a look through some of these crazy cool creations below, and have a wicked weekend.

All images cr: Barry Kite

Who knew classic paintings were such party animals?